Children’s Prayer Book

The Powerful Prayer of a Child

Children’s Prayer Book


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Adults often use a prayer list to remind them of their prayer requests.  "The Powerful Prayer of a Child" is a picture prayer reminder list for children. 

The prayer pages are:

I Praise God

I Thank God for Jesus Christ

I Thank God for Heaven

I Thank God for His Creation

I Pray for my Family

I Pray for my Grandparents

I Pray for my Church

I Pray for my Friends

I Pray for Myself

I Pray to Let Jesus Enter my Heart

On pages like “I Pray for My Family”, the child is asked to attach his own photos or drawings for his prayer list.


A picture prayer list for children

“The Powerful Prayer of a Child”

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“The Powerful Prayer of a Child” is also a booklet to teach your children principles about prayer using verses on prayer.