Christmas Plays


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The Greatest Christmas Gift
Jen thinks the greatest Christmas gift is a large package from her parents, but her father explains to her that Jesus Christ is the greatest Christmas gift. Then the family goes to church for their Christmas program which includes scenes from Luke 2. The closing appeal is to receive God's gift, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Birth of Jesus Christ
In five scenes, this play portrays the Scriptures from Matthew and Luke about the birth of Christ. The entire script is from the King James Version of the Scriptures. 

Room for Jesus
Suzy is so busy mailing Christmas packages and cards and attending parties that she has no room in her life for the Christ of Christmas. Her neighbors invite her to attend church with them on Christmas Day. At the end, she realizes her need and accepts Christ as her Savior.

When the Fullness of the Time Was Come
This play shows the fulfillment of several Old Testament prophecies at the birth of Jesus. Old Testament prophecies are compared with the scenes from Matthew and Luke which are portrayed by a cast that includes a narrator, Mary, Joseph, angels, and the shepherds. The appeal at the end is to receive the Christ who died for our sins.

Christmas plays for small groups

Four short original plays based on Luke 2

                                      $3 each booklet             

                                      10 booklets for $15

Four short, original CHRISTMAS PLAYS in one book

TWENTY-THIRTY MINUTES performance time

Effectively  COMMUNICATE the Christmas story

EASY TO PRODUCE with only a few rehearsals

SMALL CASTS that can be expanded

ADAPTABLE to all age groups

Ideas for New Directors

  1. Organize all the players onstage for a scene.  Make each scene look like a beautiful picture.  Then decide how they will exit and then decide how they will enter.

  2. Teach players the difference between their “speaking voice” and their “calling voice”.  Then have them always use their “calling voice” when onstage.

• Don’t overpractice.  The enthusiasm and excitement grow to a peak and then begin to taper off.  Try to perform as soon as everyone seems to feel confident of his part.