For Girls Only



Author      Sheila Stewart Doom

Binding     PAPERBACK

Pages       63 pages

The book includes quotations from different Christian young men.  The author clearly explains purity, modest clothing, and beauty.  She offers challenges such as “Dare to be an Esther”, “God’s army”, and “Clothing communicates something about the person who wears it.”

About the author:  From her early years as a missionary’s wife in Scotland, Mrs. Doom has had young people in her heart.  Youth groups, Sunday schools, youth camps, Bible schools, as a junior and senior high teacher in two Christian schools--wherever she goes she finds the ear of the young generation.  The fruitfulness of her God-blessed ministry may be summed up best in her own words:  “What never ceases to amaze me is that the older I get, the more I love young people and they love me!  Nothing thrills me more than the privilege of discipling young men and young women to prepare them for ministry.”


For Girls Only:  A Loving Appeal for Modesty in an Immodest World